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Favorite recipes for creating and preserving vibrant food. Views to my sweet life too. 


Star Anise

Any fan of licorice or anise flavor, so prevalent in Asian cooking, is familiar with this lovely spice. I use it in pickles, primarily,...

Dandelion Greens

Spring is your moment to forage these nutritious greens from your property or the woods. Dandelions pack a whole lot of vitamins and...

The Herb Garden

Take a walk through my herb garden with me. Sweet basil. The King of herbs. Tricky to grow. Thirsty all the time, needs incessant...

Veggie Soup Stock

I keep this photo on my phone for a quick check ….so I never forget an ingredient while at the market. Simple, and ideally all organic...


Preserve your fresh basil by whirring up the most magical of condiments. ½ cup pine nuts, toasted 3 Oz Parmesan, grated (about ¾ cup) 2...



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