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The Herb Garden

Take a walk through my herb garden with me.

Sweet basil. The King of herbs. Tricky to grow. Thirsty all the time, needs incessant pinching. Gotta have it.

Purple sage. I don’t even use it for cooking…I just enjoy its color in the garden. Great for garnish too.

Rosemary, necessarily for soup stock. Otherwise, as a vegetarian, it just reminds me of every bad chicken dinner I ever ate. Traditional for Remembrance.

Black stemmed peppermint. Accept no substitute. A must for summer cocktails.

Thyme. Perfection.

Chives. Unruly, scraggly and thirsty, but gorgeous in bloom and always handy for a quick snip.

Parsley. Flat leaf for culinary, curly for garnish. You may disagree.

Lemon thyme. Indispensable for aroma. I walk around with a pinch in my fingers every walk-through. Also a lovely garnish.

Sage. A must for fall cooking. I have to plant enough to keep the local rabbits happy too.

Greek Oregano. A little goes a long way but so delicious.

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