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Oven “Sun Dried” Tomatoes

After receiving a jar from a friend last week (they were delicious!!) I could not resist making these myself. Homemade and farm fresh tastes better than store bought, so away we go! The expense is in the olive oil, but don't skimp, the good stuff is well worth it.

This is a late season project when cherry tomatoes, multi-colored grape and Roma tomatoes are ripening faster than the farmers can sell them. Garden herbs are also at peak harvest in September, so this all comes together! Your Holiday charcuterie and gift baskets will be graced by this delicious addition!

Wash the varied small tomatoes and cut them crosswise, laying cut side up. Prepare cookie sheets with parchment paper. The larger round cherry and Romas will take longer to dry, so put them on separate cookie sheets other than the grape tomatoes. Set your oven to 250°.

If you use Roma tomatoes, scoop all the pulp out.

Cover with minced garlic and salt.

Do I cheat? Yes.

If you want your jars to have a heftier bite of roasted garlic, roast whole cloves separately.

Herbs are up to your personal taste of course. I mix rosemary, lots of thyme, oregano and basil, because my garden grows it all. Mince and toss it on before drying or after, it hardly matters.

The smaller tomatoes will take about 2 1/2 hours, larger ones between 3-4 hours, Romas could take 5. Test as they dry, they are finished when no moisture is obvious.

Sterilize small jars in dishwasher. Wide mouth jars are ideal for easy access with a spoon. Put a bay leaf on the bottom.

Stuff the mixed tomatoes in the jars and then cover with excellent olive oil.

I put plastic wrap over the tops before sealing with plastic lids, then wrap again, then put flat in freezer bags and freeze. Bring to room temperature before serving. Keeps in fridge for a week or two. Keeps in the freezer for 6 months to a year.

Will look cloudy in the jar until room temperature, so don't fret.

Serving suggestions? With Brie, of course, but also in salads, pasta, sandwiches, etc. Add olives or capers to zest up!

Ooooo la la!!!

Some photos of kitchen process:

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