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❤️Food is LOVE❤️ Eat UP!!

Favorite recipes for creating and preserving vibrant food. Views to my sweet life too. 

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Oven “Sun Dried” Tomatoes

After receiving a jar from a friend last week (they were delicious!!) I could not resist making these myself. Homemade and farm fresh...

Won Ton Lasagna

Easy to make, cooks up quickly, whisper light and pretty enough for company! We have made this for decades and always called it “lazy...

Fresh Tomato Tart

Summer’s pizza/not pizza tomato treat! It’s fresher, lighter than pizza, cuz there isn’t any cheese. The crust is store bought fresh puff...

Canning Tomatoes: Into the Jars!!

Grab those bushels of regular tomatoes at the Farmer’s Market and let’s get to it! The taste of ripe summer tomatoes are a winter treat...

Eggplant Involtini

Also called Rollatini, these stuffed pockets of creamy eggplant get TWO YUMS UP 👍👍!! These don’t have the calorie hit of traditional...

Roasted Roma Tomatoes for Freezing

This is The Holy Grail of pasta and pizza sauce. Create this divine dining basic during harvest season, freeze it, enjoy, and share the...

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