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Mac and Cheese: Topping Tips!

Updated: May 21, 2023

If you are working at mastering the fine art of Mac and Cheese, I trust you have already visited my posts on the Ten Commandments of Great Mac and Cheese and Classic Mac and Cheese.

There will be more Recipes!

But let’s talk toppings.

The topping will take your M and C from Good to Great to Awesomeness.

Basic, reliable, everyday topping:

Panko bread crumbs. The trick: butter.

Cut cold butter slices into small cubes.

Dot the Panko on top of your M and C with the butter patties. This will assure a crispy, buttery, browned topping, an ideal crunchy texture against the creaminess underneath.

Follow along, because there are other ways to create toppings that roll eyeballs all the way to oooo la la….

but this simplicity is absolutely always a people pleaser!

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