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Favorite recipes for creating and preserving vibrant food. Views to my sweet life too. 


Baked White Fish and Vegetables

Simple and nutritious, yet elegant and beautiful enough to serve to company! We love this recipe because you simply change out the...

Mac and Cheese: Topping Tips!

If you are working at mastering the fine art of Mac and Cheese, I trust you have already visited my posts on the Ten Commandments of...

Coffee Tequillarita

I learned this at Rick Baliss's flagship restaurant Topolobompo in Chicago. This is an outrageous dessert cocktail!! Glass is rimmed with...

Veggie Stuffed Cabbage

Tender pockets of cabbage leaves stuffed with yum and slow cooked in home canned summer tomatoes. Oooo la la! My Mister grew up in a...



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