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Harvesting Pomegranate Seeds

Tis the season!

Sprinkle festive, cherry red pomegranate arils on salads all through the winter season! They are tasty in yogurt, crunchy in a hummus wrap, and gorgeous in cocktails. They also freeze easily for use throughout the year.

Pomegranates also have the nutritional benefits of rich antioxidants, vitamin C, fiber, protein, and vitamin K.

But don’t turn your kitchen into a splattered red crime scene just to have them! Separate the pretty pips from the crusty white pith the quick, easy and non-staining way:

Score the fruit with a sharp knife into quarters. Plunge the entire scored fruit into a deep bowl of cold water.

Separate the quarters under water.

Carefully pop the arils/berries off the pith with your fingers. The berries will fall to the bottom, the pith will float.

Skim the pith and discard, pour the bowl of water and pomegranate pips into a strainer. Pick out stray pith.

Hold in the fridge or freeze for the coming year.

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