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Cindy’s Potato Salad

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

My wondeful friend Cindy suggested that we make potato salad. This, of course, started a discussion (that included web scrolling) about regional, cultural and gastronomic preferences concerning potato salad. Turns out: keep it simple.

And most people agree: potato salad needs to be reminiscent of summer, your own childhood family reunion picnics, easy living.

But some basics make it great, so here you go:

It's best to use the little red creamer potatoes. Yukon gold is ok but not quite the same. When you cook them, cover them with a few inches of water, salt liberally, and boil. Check them , by piercing with a knife, frequently. You want them cooked but still firm, never mushy.

Let the potatoes cool completely. Never add warm potatoes to the chopped veggies or you will lose the crunch in the salad.

The veggies: celery, sweet red pepper, sweet onion (like Vidalia), parsley. Diced.

Cindy likes the super tender white hearts of the celery. I insist on organic, of course.

Hard boiled eggs.

Cindy is making sure the parsley has no bitter stem going in: that's my girl!!!

The dressing is to your taste of course. A good mayonnaise, Dijon mustard, garlic powder and pickle relish went into ours. If it's heat you're after, I suggest sriracha served at the table, same as the salt and pepper.

Minds can differ on whether it's sweet or dill pickle, my preference is sweet pickle. We also added the pickle juice to the dressing.

Mix the dressing fully before adding to the salad.

Fold in carefully so you don't break the potatoes. Get good coverage with the dressing but don't drown the salad, that ruins it: lighter dressing is best.

Oh my! We mix in my sweet corn relish too! Make it with this recipe:

Cindy says she adds olives to hers too, which sound great if you are an olive fan. She adds capers too, which is interesting.

Here is my beautiful friend 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

in my kitchen as we made potato salad ❤️❤️❤️

Food is love and cooking with a friend is sooooo lovely!!!

Ok, here is an update!! Radishes and cucumber cannot hurt a potato salad, ammi right? Color and crunch??? Let me know what you think.

And Cindy sends this updated pic with the all important paprika, which we forgot the last time 🤣🙏🏻

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edmund zaionczkowski
edmund zaionczkowski
Mar 12, 2023

how much potatoes,celery.onion,ect.

Apr 18, 2023
Replying to

It's so personal. just have the confidence to eyeball it and choose.... you'll get it right!!

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